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Rockdove Rising will be issuing up to £195,000 of LOANSTOCK between May 1st and October 31st 2015.

This will enable us to purchase a number of flats across the estate for housing our members. We have produced an INVESTORS PACK which describes the co-op, the investment offer, and the business model upon which it is based, in greater detail. The highly competitive rates of interest that we are offering on our loanstock investment are shown in the table below:

Loanstock Interest Table

If you are ready to invest in the co-op, please see our LOANSTOCK PLEDGE FORM.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

All at Rockdove Rising 🙂



New Members Required!

Rockdove Rising have acquired a third (rented) flat and are looking for new members. We need one member right now and another three potential members for a fourth flat that we may be purchasing next year.

At present there is a double room available from the beginning of November 2014 (date flexible).

Rockdove Rising Housing Co-op currently consists of three flats and has seven co-op members. We will soon have a spare double-room room in one of our three-bedroom flats and we’re looking for someone to take this room and become our eighth co-op member.

The flat is really nice and cosy and the large double-room comes furnished with a bed and a few other items of furniture. The flat has a large living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a beautiful balcony with runner beans and basil plants, and looks over the lush Leaf Street. There is a bike storage room available (Rockdoves like to cycle) and the flat has a vegetarian food only policy.

The new member will be joining two female flatmates – Heisser and Jess – who both like playing musical instruments.

Rockdove Avenue forms part of the ‘Redbricks’ Estate, which has a history of social and political activism, and there is a good community spirit on the estate. More about the estate can be found out at

Members of Rockdove Rising contribute to a number of community activities (such as running an estate bike club), as well as being involved in groups that work for educational, feminist, food, housing and environmental causes, political autonomy and justice. Being a member of Rockdove Rising is not just about renting a room but about being part of a community, being your own landlord, taking control of your own living space, and about social and political activism.

In the future we aim to join Radical Routes (a network of radical co-ops whose members are
committed to working for positive social change), grow as a housing co-operative and we hope more housing co-ops will be created in the Redbricks and possibly join to make a bigger and stronger co- op. We’d expect a new co-op member to want to get involved and help make this exciting stuff happen. You can find out more elsewhere on this website.

The rent for the room is £230/mth + bills.

If you have any questions or would like to see the room, please email us at or give Jess a ring on 07772 912 157.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jess, Heisser, Aidan, Johno, Gaz, Damien, Iain

Rockdove Rising acquires 3rd Flat!

Rockdove Rising continues to grow and have now rented a third flat on the estate, on Humberstone Avenue. It’s a two-bed flat on the ground floor and has a large living room and lovely garden.

This has freed up a room at no. 75 so we are actively recruiting for a new member!! Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

Aidan, Jess, Heisser, Gaz, Iain, Johno, Damien