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The current members of the co-op are  Dan (Chair), Craig (Secretary) Jez (Treasurer), Johno, Michelle, Rowan, Tom and our youngest members Elmo and Django.

The co-op currently rents four flats.  These are a three-bedroom flat on Rockdove Avenue (no. 39),  a two-bedroom flats on Hunmanby Avenue (no. 45) and a two-bedroom flat Humberstone Avenue (no. 56), all on the ‘Redbricks’ estate in Hulme, central Manchester. This area has a very interesting history  having been subject to two large redevelopments in the last twenty years, with the one that took place in the 90’s being Europe’s biggest urban regeneration project at the time (you can read more at http://www.exhulme.co.uk/). Due to this history and the subsequent unusual demography which was formed, the Redbricks in particular has a strong community spirit and a history of social and political activism. The estate community runs various clubs and events, including a communal gardening group, a communal bike club, an estate-wide internet service, a Tenants & Residents Association, a monthly community meal, an environmental campaign group, a monthly sewing club and a monthly ‘bring & swap’ recycling stall. More about the estate can be found out at www.redbricks.org

Members of Rockdove Rising contribute to a number of these community activities including the Tenants and Residents Association, the Redbricks internet Collective (RIC) and the Bike Club as well as being involved in environmental campaigning, food awareness and promotion of vegetarianism,  eco-activism, community activism, unions, non-hierarchical organisations and the provision of affordable housing and social spaces in Manchester.

Rockdove Rising aims to grow as a housing co-operative, to increase our membership, to manage more flats, and to promote creation of more housing co-ops on the Redbricks. We believe that social change can manifest in our daily lives; Through mutual cooperation and positive community impact we aim to combat gentrification and create a better community.

By living in a co-op will enable our members to  empower themselves and realise their capability to make change. We therefore  take part in building communities that allows people to have a good life without harming others through communal living and co-operation.

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