Current Housing Situation – April 2015

Hey folks, here’s an update on our current housing situation.

We have been given notice to vacate #75 Rockdove Avenue as of 9th May. This has meant that we have all been looking for new places to house Hannah, Jess and Paula. In addition,  Mike has been keen to join the co-op for some time, and fortunately we have now been able to rehouse everyone. This has come about through rental of a two-bedroom property on Hunmanby Avenue, our first property on this street (we now have a property on each street of the estate 🙂 ) and some juggling with the other flats.

A number of other flats are also potentially available on the estate in the coming months, to rent and buy, and if we have the membership we will be able to take those on also. One of the good things about our estate and about our housing model is that we are quite flexible with respect to obtaining flats, and that the loss of a flat such as #75 is really just a logistical matter. We are however looking forward to making some purchases so that there is no uncertainty regarding residency on an ongoing basis.

A, J, P, J, D, G, M, H, I.