Rockdove Rising accepted as full members of Radical Routes!

Hurray!! 🙂 Rockdove Rising Housing Co-operative Ltd. were accepted as full members of the national umbrella co-operative Radical Routes at their last quarterly gathering in Bradford on 14th February 2015. This was the culmination of a year-long application process in which Rockdove Rising attended several preliminary gatherings and addressed a number of issues associated with membership, in particular our views on the relation between co-operatives and social housing (see HERE for a fuller discussion), and various iterations of our BUSINESS MODEL.

Membership of Radical Routes provides Rockdove Rising with access to a large network of co-ops and individuals with a great deal of experience in managing and financing housing and workers co-operatives. Membership enables us to access loans from Radical Routes, and provides us with financial oversight and general support in the running of the co-op.

Rockdove Rising in return have committed to being core members of the Radical Routes Publicity Working Group, producing publicity materials and attending promotional events throughout the country (and overseas) on behalf of Radical Routes.

Paula, Jess, Johno, Gaz, Mike, Damien, Hannah, Aidan, Johno,